16 marzo 2017

First of all, here is the link to the Hardvard Business Review interview, where Sarah Green Carmichael talks with Michael Mankins about productivity
Yeahhh... this post is just a reccommendation of this other post - or podcast -
Below, some data you can find explained better on the original article:

"...More successful organizations have: 1 all-star person every 7 employees.
But what make those companies really successful, compared with other companies with the same talent amount, is that those persons are placed in the key roles of those companies.
In the core roles of those companies, the 97% of the employees are all-star.
An all-star is:
  • a programmer 9 times more productive than an average programmer (nine times more usable code per day) - in Apple
  • a dealer at Caesar’s Palace at Las Vegas that keeps his table playing five times longer
  • a cardiac surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic that has survival rates that are 12 times better than the average cardiac surgeon out there
Just to give you a sense for the difference in productivity, it took 600 Apple engineers less than two years to develop, debug, deploy, OS X, sort of a revolutionary change in the company’s operating system. It took more than 10,000 Microsoft engineers more than five years to develop, debug, deploy, and eventually retract Microsoft Vista..."

So, I am looking at this data and thinking on all companies I've been working in. Everything fits.

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